Mr. S. K. Jain
Mr. Varun Jain
Mr. Bhupesh Arora
The Journey so far…

Nursing Next Live is not a beginning, it is a part of a journey which started long back and can be better seen in different milestones.

Chapter I

The journey started in the year 1972 under the leadership & guidance of a visionary Mr. SK Jain (Matta ji) with the foundation of CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd., which is now the flag bearer in the medical publishing. In more than four decades it has expanded its roots to grow as a pioneer in the field of medical publishing in Asia and became one of the largest and the fastest growing publishers of medical books in Southeast Asia. CBS Publishers is a proud owner of many bestselling titles like BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy, CC Chatterjee’s Human Physiology, OP Ghai’s Textbook of Pediatrics, Manipal’s Surgery, Meharban Singh Pediatrics, KD Chatterjee’s Textbook of Parasitology, and the list goes on. CBS has successfully partnered in sculpting the careers of millions of medicos across the world.

Chapter II

Year 2015, a new chapter added in the history of CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd when Mr Bhupesh Arora got associated with the company as a Vice President with a clear vision and foresight of providing quality education to PGMEE & Nursing Segment by setting up a separate division. This way the birth of CBS PGMEE & Nursing Division took place. A strongly determined man with focus on the standards of education always got associated with top notch faculties and authors from across the nation to provide the best to the nursing students. In the journey of five years we have put an indelible mark on the nursing students with our popular titles like Target High Staff Nurse Entrance, PGI NINE Clinical Nursing Procedures, Harbans Lal Biochemistry, DR Arora Microbiology, CBS Drug Guide, Harindarjeet Goyal Textbook of Nursing Foundations and many more.

CBS PGMEE & Nursing Division is always known for innovative ideas and doing something different in the field of Nursing Education to enhance the quality of Nursing Education and to take it to the next level.

We believe in the philosophy that ‘Change is inevitable and it’s the law of nature and those who adapt themselves with the time rules in the world.’ The Internet has revolutionized every sphere of life and created a new wave of learning, learning.

Since the time of digitalization, it has been observed that there is a huge gap between the educational services available to the medical graduates and the nursing students. As these two are the strong pillars in providing holistic care to the patients, it is extremely vital that nurses should get equal exposure to access quality digital learning.

Chapter III

To overcome this issue, Mr. Bhupesh Arora & Mr. Varun Jain came up with an idea in August 2018 and had started working on that idea, conceptualized and then came up with an App Nursing Next Live… The Next Level of Nursing Education dedicated to Nursing Students in May 2019.

Nursing Next Live is nothing but a Vision of a man, extracted from the hand-drawn papers to your screens now. A dream came true for Mr. Bhupesh Arora - The Founder! This is Art, he said. Since that day, he has been working non-stop on his quest to create a more promising future for all nursing students. His vision was to bring the Top Medical/Nursing Faculties at one place to provide the best education to Nursing Students for their concept building and to clear competitive exams with flying colours, he carefully made all the smart Study Plans affordable to All. Work for a Cause!

We are magnifying the nursing sector by upscaling it with the strategically designed Quality Content by the Top Medical Faculties of India. When we have started building Nursing Next Live from the scratch, we have started with a Vision to transform from traditional classroom settings to new digital education to reach all the remote areas of India. We at Nursing Next Live envisage that all students from Kashmir to Kanyakumari should get quality education. We pledge to give the best learning experience to all our students, under one single roof, and that is, The Sky! Yes, Sky is the only limit!

The Core Values and Principles of Nursing Next Live is

  • First Digital Learning platform for All Nursing Competitive & Undergraduates Exams with Futuristic Approach
  • We are bringing Learning to People, Instead of People going for learning!
  • Concept Based Teaching by TOP Medical & Nursing Educators (The Masterminds)
  • "Quality Content" & "Smart-Study" Approach
  • One in All, All in One! Nothing Beyond
  • 360 Degree Approach for your complete Preparation
  • Most Up to date & updated Content
  • Best Guidance & Support at every step
  • Best Interface with Unique & Advance Features
  • Everything at one Platform …Buy CBS Nursing Books at Special Discounts/Cashbacks

Nursing Next Live is the fastest-growing Edutech organization in the field of Nursing! With 60k+ downloads, 1200+ total number of selections, 150+ AIIMS NORCET 2020 Selections, and many backend achievements it is the Highest Ranked App on the Play Store. The idea was possible to bring into reality because it was backed by the team of best professionals who did not see time; had One vision and One Goal in Mind of providing the students Nothing but The Best! Their trust towards the vision for the brand and their efforts to continuously make it a success helped Nursing Next to reach to this position.

So, are you ready to join the squad of future nursing officers? Nursing Next Live will always be rooting for you! Let's hop on to the journey of Next Level of Education together, as a rocket team.